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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All things about Microsoft’s next Xbox – Release date, specs and price

By now, the Sony PS4 had been officially released for some time. Many people may still wait for the upcoming Xbox so as to determine which console to buy. Quite recently, the rumors about Microsoft’s next Xbox have been heating up the internet.  Previously, there’ve reports saying that Xbox 720 rumored to have powerful 16-core CPU and extra HD 7680×4320 screen display, though specs are really wonderful, still to be confirmed. Even though Microsoft has done a very good job in keeping the next Xbox in secret, there’re reports and news leaked about the next Xbox.  
Xbox 720
When the next Xbox would be released is no doubt a big concern from public. According to the professional analyst Paul Thurrott, Microsoft would announce the next Xbox, commonly known as Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, on May 21st. It is said that the release event was once scheduled to be held on April 24th, but delayed to be May 21st finally. Paul also mentioned the price of the Xbox 720. The device is said to be sold at $500, with a pre-order price of $300. This might be a little bit expensive.

As for the detailed specs of the next Xbox, currently no rumored or anticipated specs have been confirmed. It is predicted that Microsoft would announce partial and main specs of the next Xbox on the May 21st release event. For the detailed specs, people have to wait for the E3 exhibition in June.

The following are some features leaked on Xbox 720:
- Built-in Blu-ray player;
- WiFi and Ethernet networking, online gaming service;
- 8GB of memory;
- USB 3.0 interface to connect accessories;
- HDMI port to connect the 3D TV and 4K TV;
- Hard disk to save game progress, download music, video and games;

- Standard Kinect motion-sensing controller.

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