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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Xbox 720 rumored to have powerful 16-core CPU and extra HD 7680×4320 screen display

Although the next Xbox 720 couldn’t be out in the near future, there have been many rumors and anticipations on the specs of Xbox 720. People have made different anticipations and expectations towards this new controller. And today, let’s talk about the anticipations and expectations for the Xbox 720, the most exciting ones becoming the super powerful 16 core CPU and extra 7680x4320 pixels HD screen resolution. Well, check bellow:
Xbox 720
Powerful 16 core CPU: Microsoft clearly claimed it could not reveal any information on the Xbox 720 before the third season of this year. But obviously, to make the Xbox 720 succeed, Microsoft must try to improve its hard ware and design. And there’s news reportedly that Xbox 720 would configure a powerful 16 core IBM Power PC CPU, which could greatly improve its performance with no doubt.

HD resolution screen display: The 9.7” new Apple iPad comes with Retina Display which reaches up to 2048x1536 pixels screen resolution. The Retina Display has been proved to produce quite amazing experience for users to even watch HD Blu-ray movies on new iPad. And the Xbox 720 is rumored to come out with 7648X4320 pixels screen display. Just imagine how awesome it would be for users to watch HD movies on Xbox 720 with 16x9 aspect ratio. Of course, this seems to be a real rumor as it is really hard to believe. But one thing for sure is that Microsoft would no doubt increase the screen resolution for Xbox 720 to beat other competitors.

Direct X 11 platform: It’s very possible for Microsoft to create Direct X 11 platform for Xbox 720 due to excellent performance of Direct X 11 platform in the massive business application in the near future.

Built-in Kinect 2: The powerful features of Xbox 720 are mainly for the requirements of high quality games and new Kinect (the Kinect is very possibly to be updated to next version). Experts said that the next Kinect might be able to track players’ gestures and movements to control the game.

ControllerAlong with the Nintendo Wii U controller, Microsoft might make use of more advanced controllers. The Xbox 720 might enable 4 players to play games simultaneously and include directional sound control. Additionally, as a portable gaming platform, the Xbox 720 might allow remote control.

No DVD/Blu-ray driveThe Xbox 720 might not include Blu-ray/DVD drive, which means that you need to convert Blu-ray/DVD to Xbox and then you can watch Blu-ray/DVD movies on Xbox 720. However, in fact, the electronic industry is just developing towards digital music downloading and digital streaming. Thus Microsoft might adopt SSD system or digital downloading system in the Xbox 720, rather than featuring Blu-ray drive.

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