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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sony Officially Released the Simplicity and Ease of Use of the Next-Generation PlayStation, but just No Real PS4 Box

After so long the waiting is and so many the rumors are, Sony finally officially released its next generation of PlayStation, namely PS4, on the New York City Sony PlayStation event, but only with tons of awesome looking games, not the PS4 box itself. There’re specs of the PS4 and the PS4 console was also unveiled, but what the PS4 would look like is still to be detailed.  On the release event, Sony said only that the PS4 will be available in time for the 2013 holiday season while pricing was not mentioned (some rumors suggested the price to be $439 with November shipment).
"PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations to create next-gen experiences that surpass gamers' wildest expectations, while also allowing developers to explore other business models," Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said at a launch event. The PS4 is "founded on a conviction that we must give gamers the kind of multi-dimensional experiences they expect and observe."

Of course, during the official debut, Sony also mentioned the specs of PlayStation 4. The new PlayStation will have an X86 processor, "state of the art" GPU, 8 GB of high-speed unified memory, and a hard drive for local storage. The PS4 will allow gamers to share their gameplay stream and even remotely take control of friend's games. The downloading could be running in background while playing in PS4. Additionally, PS4 boasts integration with third-party services, phones, and tablets -- you'll be able to use your smartphone to view gameplay videos and challenge friends. Along with the PS4, Sony has unveiled a new DualShock 4 controller which features a built-in touchpad at the center of the controller, and a built-in microphone jack.

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