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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sony invites seemed to suggest a February 20 release event of the next PlayStation – PS4

For long, we have been longing for the new PlayStation device, just like that of Xbox 720. Preciously, the PS4 has been rumored to get brand-new handlers and multi-account. But yet, such expectations are not official. Sony has never talked about the detailed specs of PS4 and the official release date. But now, it seems to be quite near around. While the PS4's name hasn't been specifically dropped, the Official U.S. PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Facebook, and PlayStation Twitter all sent out notifications to "See the Future" of PlayStation with the following phrase: Join the conversation #PlayStation2013 #PlayStationMeeting."
Sony PS4 event
The invites all pointed an exact date of "February 20" at 6 p.m. EST, which has been strongly supposed to be the time Sony CEO Kaz Hirai or U.S. PlayStation boss Jack Tretton will go on stage to show off Sony's next-gen console. The online "PlayStation Meeting 2013" hub also lets people sign up so they'll "be the first to know", which again seems to make proof for the official unveiling of PS4.  

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