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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leaked as iPhone 5G, the Screen of Next-generation iPhone Gets leaked Again

One of the hottest tech news is no doubt the official release and specs of Apple’s next generation iPhone. There’ve been reports that Apple would announce next-gen iPhone in August. The leaks about iPhone 5S have been reported for several times previously. According to the latest leak from uSwitch Tech, they just got the latest images of the next-gen iPhone from Apple’s suppliers. These images include the front screen display and the screen package bag. Upon these leaked images, the next-gen iPhone is probably named as “iPhone 5G”.

From the leaked images, the front screen display is no difference from the current iPhone 5. The buttons and other designs are the same as iPhone 5. Previously, there’re reports that the new iPhone would get little change in appearance, but big update in internal configurations.

From the leaked images, we could clearly see “5G LCD/digitizer” on the image.  Actually, there’ve never been reports that the new iPhone would be named as iPhone 5G. And the next iPhone would be the 7th generation of iPhone. So, what’s the meaning of iPhone “5G”? Is it because the next iPhone would support 4G LTE-A network connection?

Anyway, Apple would announce the new iPhone officially in this fall. Everything would be clear at that time. 

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