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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apple to release iPhone 5S in August and new iPad and the next iPad mini in April

According to the latest news from iMore, Apple might release the next iPhone, mostly named iPhone 5S, in this summer, August preferred. Also, right before the official release of iPhone 5S, Apple is preparing an April event to announce its next generation iPad, presumably the iPad 5, and the potentially iPad mini 2. iMore claims these sources are from people who are familiar with Apple’s plans.
The next iPhone and iPad
As reported, the iPhone 5S will likely be a spec upgrade on its predecessor, with improved camera optics and a more advanced processor anticipated. If the rumors are accurate, consumers can expect a better camera housed inside the same design as the iPhone 5 as well as incremental improvements on the goods under the hood.

Apple just launched the iPad 4 and the first iPad Mini last November. If the report turns to be true, Apple has made a very quick turnaround of iPad product line. Though there appeared some leaked pictures of the iPad 5, the iPad 5 detailed specs is still not quite clear. So is the next generation of iPad mini. But what seems unlikely is that Retina will be included in the next gen model.

For more details, stay tuned. I would get more detailed information on the next generation of iPad, iPhone and iPad mini. 

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