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Friday, May 3, 2013

How to turn off the annoying system sounds on Samsung Galaxy S 4

No matter how much you love your smartphone, sometimes you don’t want to hear its annoying sounds, especially when you’re at a meeting. Such case also happens to Samsung Galaxy S 4. There’re various kinds of system sounds on Samsung Galaxy S 4 and other smartphones, like the dialing keypad tone, touch sounds, screen lock sound, haptic feedback, key-tap sound, key-tap vibration, ringing vibration, etc. All these sounds might get you annoyed in certain cases. Samsung has got so-called “nature” sounds last year with the Galaxy S3. Such “sounds by nature” continue to appear in the latest iteration.
galaxy s4 sounds

Those people who have been using Samsung devices for a while are more used to this, of course, and are pretty adept at turning them off. But things have changed a little bit in Samsung's latest. And some novice may try to turn off these “nature” sounds to get ears quiet. Here's a primer for getting rid of those annoying system sounds.

There’re two ways you can use to turn off the system sounds of Galaxy S 4. The first one is to just hit the volume-down button on the left side of the phone to silence the blasted thing. But that's the nuclear approach.
sound settings
For a more surgical strike, you'll need to head into your phone's settings menu. (Get to it either by pressing the menu button on the home screen, or by pulling down the notification pane and tapping the gear icon.) Tap the "My device – Sound", where you've got a few options here. You can optional choose to turn the sound settings on or off, upon your own desire.

How to turn off the keyboard sound on the Galaxy S4
keyboard sounds
One other frequent source of noise is the keyboard. That sound is easy to turn off, but it's buried inside some more menus. Go to the “settings menu - Language and Input - Samsung keyboard” and tap on the gear icon. That gets you into the keyboard settings. Next tap "Advanced," and now at the bottom you'll see "Key-tap sound." Uncheck that -- you can kill the haptic vibration here as well if you like -- and you're good to go.

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