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Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Free Up Disk Space for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod

With repeatedly use, the disc space on your iPhone, iPod and iPad might be not enough for downloading and installing new apps, shooting new videos and pictures, etc. Also, low disk space makes your iPhone sluggish. That’s why you need to free up space on your iPhone or iPad without losing any data. And this post would provide you some small but practical tips to free up disk space on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Find out what uses space on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

To find out how much space you have left and what kind of app or data uses most of your iPhone disk space, take your iOS device and go to “Settings > General > Usage”. Your device might use some seconds to calculate the free space and then show you details as below:
You could make a preview of what uses the disk space of your iOS device here. And then you could make a decision on what to remove to get back those disc space. Now, let’s check the below tips to know how to free up iPhone disk space.

Clean your iPhone Camera Roll

With an iPhone you also have a photo and video camera as well as a music player in your pocket. Especially photos and videos occupy lots of space and cleaning these files will allow you to get back some GB of disk space.

Before starting to remove photos, make sure to have a backup on your PC. An easy way to transfer all your photos to your PC and to quickly delete pictures from your iPhone and iPad is iTransfer - a powerful iPad/iPod/iPhone transfer tool which will transfer data between iOS devices, iTunes and PC in clicks.
After transferring and backup, you could then remove these camera rolls, videos, pictures and music files easily. You could directly remove camera rolls, photos, videos manually by opening the media file and then click the trash icon at the bottom right corner. To remove music manually, you could firstly turn off iTunes Match, open Music to slide unwanted songs to left, then click the red trash icon to delete. Also, you could use 3rd-party tools to remove these in batch like Tunes Cleaner and CopyTrans Manager.

Remove unnecessary apps from iPhone and iPad

Most of us are apps addicts and accumulate lots of free apps. Many of them have been used once or twice and occupy disk space unnecessarily. Take a minute and check what kind of apps you don’t use any more and remove them.

To remove apps just press and hold any app icon until all the icons begin to “wiggle” and tap the little x in the upper-left corner. Confirm in tapping “Delete”.

Clear your iPhone browser cache

Safari on your iOS device saves your browsing history like any other browser on a computer. Clearing the History, Cookies and Data might free some additional space.
Go to “Settings > Safari” and scroll down to “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data”. Tap both of them and confirm.

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