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Monday, August 12, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III Reportedly to Feature SlideSync App and up to 3450mAh Battery Announced on Sep. 4th

According to previous reports, Samsung Galaxy Note III might be released on IFA 2013 in September. However, the latest news showed that Samsung Galaxy Note III would come into people’s eyes on September 4th. Aside the release date, the reports also leaked some other phone specs of Galaxy Note III. Upon the latest leaks, the new smartphone would come with an up to 3450mAh battery to meet the power consumption of big screen display and high-end processor. Also, as to software, Samsung Galaxy Note III is reportedly to feature SlideSync app, which lets users control the screen on their Samsung smartphone from a Samsung PC and vice versa.
Galaxy Note III
Samsung Galaxy Note III is reportedly to come with a 5.7" to 6" 1080P FHD screen display, while the international version of Galaxy Note III would feature Samsung 8-Core Exynos 5420 processor with 3GB RAM. The high-end configuration no doubt makes it amazing to watch HD movies on Galaxy Note III, play games, and others. But the power consumption is obvious huge.  To meet the power consumption, Samsung would configure up to 3450mAh batter for Galaxy Note III.

Besides the battery, the SlideSync app is another shinning point of this new smartphone. Located in the Samsung App Store, the Samsung SideSync app lets users control the screen on their Samsung smartphone from a Samsung PC and vice versa. The app's documentation mentions some of the phones it works with, and one of the devices is the Samsung Galaxy Note III. No, this is not earth shattering since we expect the next iteration of Samsung's phablet line to be introduced on September 4th.
Galaxy Note 3 with SlideSync
While we do have an idea as to when the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be unveiled, we have no idea when Sammy's next phablet will be launched. With the inclusion of the device in the documentation for the SideSync app, it could be a sign that the device will get released not too long after being introduced.

Based on what is written, it seems that the Samsung SideSync app will be pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

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