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Monday, April 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III reportedly to be the first plastic OLED display device for a IFA 2013 introduction

According to previous rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note III would come with a 6.3-inch screen and an 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, which was only released on CES 2013. This has been very exciting news to all phablet fans. But according to the latest reports, people might get more excited. Aside from the 6” large screen display, the latest news from SamMobile shows that Samsung is to equip the Galaxy Note III with the world’s first plastic OLED screen, which means the Galaxy Note III would be the first plastic OLED screen device in the world. Meanwhile, for the official release date of Galaxy Note III, the reports leaked that the Note III would be introduced during IFA 2013 with an official Q4 release.
Samsung Galaxy Note III
The plastic OLED screen substrate will make the whole device significantly thinner and lighter than the current handsets with glass substrate, the Galaxy Note II. SamMobile believes that thanks to this, the Note III will have a thickness of just 0.31" (8mm). In contrast, the Note II is 0.37" (9.4mm) thick. Another characteristic of this new plastic OLED would be that it's very, very tough. This kind of display is actually being called "unbreakable" by some, though we all know that there are few things in this world that our clumsy hands cannot break.

An additional bonus is said to be the presence of a bigger battery, due to the thinner display panel, though that seems a bit strange, since if Samsung decides to fill the newly freed space with more battery, then how is the device itself going to be that much thinner? We wouldn't be surprised if Samsung goes for some kind of middle ground, with a slightly thinner Note III and a slightly bigger battery.

The latest reports also delivered bad news. The unofficial sources report that the Galaxy Note III will be introduced at IFA 2013, which takes place from September 6 to September 13, with launch scheduled for Q4. Having in mind the Note II's pre-IFA 2012 launch last year, this bit of information does sound somewhat plausible.

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