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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

High-resolution images of Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7 inches screen got leaked online

No one could deny that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has got quite a large amount of concern in the market. The rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone have been lasting for months, until Samsung officially confirmed the Sep. 4th release event. Just like Apple, who is always trying to keep their new product as top secret, Samsung is also hiding all the details of Galaxy Note 3 from the public. However, it would appear that secrecy has become an increasingly elusive target these days for Samsung. With IFA2013 just around the corner, leaks are becoming more and more common.
By summing all the reports, leaks and rumors, while we think we know plenty about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the looks of the device itself have been the one area where Samsung has managed to keep the lid firmly shut. There’re plenty of prototype devices, but we haven't seen the actual device just yet. Now, this has changed at least partially, several high-res images of Samsung Galaxy Note’s 5.7 inches screen display have been leaked online. These pictures are from some supply chain in China, who claimed to show us the right screen display that Samsung would assemble on its Galaxy Note 3.

Looking at the screen, we're happy to report that the bezels have shrunken considerably in size from all directions in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2. What's more, while we can't tell exactly how the device will end up looking with the frames attached, it does seem like the Note 3 will be more rectangular in shape, with less pronounced rounding at the corners. Of course, this is still every bit the Galaxy design language that we've come to expect from Sammy. Check these pictures below:


Two more pictures – Galaxy Note 3 vs. Galaxy Note 2
The two screen assemblies have been scaled to match, so the Galaxy Note 3 (right), while sporting a longer diagonal, will be negligibly bigger than its predecessor, the Note 2 (left)

This one is provided for a closer visual comparison only, it has not been scaled to match (Note 3 on the right).

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