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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Not-Facebook-Phone Facebook Home Released Officially to Be Able to Turn Any Android Smartphone into A Facebook Phone

The rumors and reports about an HTC-based Facebook phone have choked up people’s mind recently, especially for those Facebook fans. Now, finally Facebook unveiled this long anticipated Facebook Home to all people. Surprisingly, the freshly released Facebook Home is not a rumored Facebook phone manufactured by HTC exactly, but has the capability to turn any Android smartphone into a Facebook phone. Simply put, the fresh Facebook Home is an Android launcher - replacing the stock interface of an Android device it is installed on with a new one, built around Facebook social networking from the ground up.
Facebook Home

As Mark Zuckerberg himself puts it, Facebook Home is designed around people instead of prioritizing apps like other phone interfaces do. By doing so, the software aims to deliver a more personal experience to Facebook users. At the same time, it should be easy to use with its minimalist, simple interface. As soon as the phone is turned on, the user's list of notification appears with their profile picture at the bottom. Need to dismiss something? Then all it takes is a swipe to the side. Gone are the traditional home screens for placing widgets on. Instead, it's all information about whatever your friends are up to. A swipe up brings the list of all installed applications.

Something that's unique to Facebook Home is the Chat Heads feature (and no, we aren't making that name up). When you're in a chat with someone, be it through Facebook or via plain old text messaging, it puts an icon with their picture in the screen's corner for quick and easy access. There is even a counter that shows how many texts you've missed.

Facebook Home will be available only on selected smartphones at first, but it should spread to many more after its release. That includes both smartphones and tablets. April 12 is the day when Facebook Home will land on the Play Store.

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