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Friday, April 12, 2013

Latest news about Motorola X Phone – Delayed to be released in “August or later”

Without doubt, the Motorola X Phone has become one of the most anticipated smartphones by now. There’ve been reports that the device was slated for release in late June or July, or even on the Google I/O conference.  However, this might be overthrown by the very recent reports. It looks like work on the mysterious Motorola X Phone is not going as quickly as hoped. The new word from reliable sources suggested that the release date has actually slipped to "August or later", though no word on why the release date has been pushed back.
Motorola X Phone
According to our source, the device is still in the early prototype phase. It is planned to be about a 1080p 4.7" display with a very thin bezel, and was described to look a lot like the leaked photo we saw a while back, so maybe that photo was a real shot of a prototype. The prototype did not have an SD card slot, as expected. And, it was running Android 4.2, but it was not pure stock, there were some small changes.

There was no word on why the device had been delayed, but we have heard before that Google was not "wowed" by devices that were in the Motorola pipeline, and the X Phone is one of the last of those devices. We suspect that Google may have decided it's better to make the phone into what it wants rather than releasing something that doesn't meet internal standards. Whatever the reason, it's looking less likely that we'll see the device at Google I/O.

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