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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Best Free Camera Apps for Apple iPhones

Even at the very beginning, the Apple iPhone was not defined as a single mobile phone to let people access the internet and communicate with each other. It’s far more than a mobile phone. Just take the video and image shooting as example; iPhone has become the most used camera in the world in smartphone cameras. But as a simple device with an almost fully automatic camera, photo enthusiasts crave more manual control: more settings, more filters, more editing options. So, to satisfy diverse needs, today I have collected 5 alternative camera apps of iPhone camera. All of these 5 camera apps are Free. Let’s check them out below:


Instagram - Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects or tilt-shift blur to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family.


Pixlr-o-matic - This fun and simple darkroom app makes it easy to add an effect, overlay and border to get that retro, grunge, clean or stylish look, all in just three simple steps. And with more options than any other photo app, you will never be out of new styles.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome - The only free app that we find fit as a more advanced camera replacement, Camera Awesome lacks a lot of the manual settings others have, nor does it have a histogram. It does feature a simple interface, though, and offers extremely rich sharing options.


SnapSeed - omewhere between advanced and basic photo editing, SnapSeed offers an intuitive interface that makes it look simpler than it really is. While it does not support the layers and masks of Laminar, it offers the absolutely best touch interface on mobile.

GLMPS - GLMPS is not your average photo editing app, but it adds quite a unique touch to any iPhone owner’s app collection for photo taking When you snap a photo through this app, the app captures just a few seconds before the photo is taken, giving it an amazing mixture of photo and video combined. With this app, you can relive the moments that led up to that photo in video format so you can enjoy them whenever you want, in one of the most creative and artistic ways possible.

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