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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Foxconn reportedly to have started the production of Apple 'iPhone 5S' as the current iPhone 5

The rumors and reports about the so-called iPhone 5S, the next Apple iPhone, have been a big hit in the world. Various kinds of bloggers, analysts and sources are reporting the information they have got about the next iPhone. But all these are to be confirmed. Very recently, another report about the next iPhone has been available for all anticipators. That’s the Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara reported that Foxconn is starting to ramp up production of Apple's iPhone 5 successor, by citing a source familiar with the matter.
iPhone 5S
The site noted that because the design of the "iPhone 5S" is substantially the same as the company's existing handset. Thus it is quite convenient to manufacture the two models on the same production lines. In a note to investors in January, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek estimated that production of the next-generation iPhone would begin in March ahead of a launch expected in either June or July. He also predicted that Apple will be launching a second smartphone alongside the 5S, possibly a much-rumored low-cost version targeted at developing markets. This is quite similar to the latest rumor that Apple would release an iPhone 5S with A7 chip and fingerprint security and a cheaperfiberglass model in June.

As rumored, the iPhone 5S will sport A7 Chip, iOS 7 and Super HD Camera, a fingerprint reader, swype keyboard and a 128GB storage as the biggest drive available. There might be 6-8 different color options for the new iPhone 5S. The phone body might be thinner with larger screen of 4.5/5 inches.

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