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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The LG Optimus G is rumoured to have its successor Optimus G2 in the next May

According to the report from Korean Maeli, LG would release the successor of Optimus G in the coming year, namely Optimus G2. The detailed release date of this smartphone is mostly to be the next May. As reported, LG Optimus G2 will have a 5" 1080P LCD screen display, which makes it no doubt the No.1 choice to watch HD movies on LG Optimus G2. Aside from this exciting news, another one is that there rumored to be a Samsung Galaxy S 4 soon with the same screen size as Optimus G2.
LG Optimus G2
As for the specs of the LG Optimus G2, the rumor goes that it would configure a Qual-comm quad-core S4 processor with 2GB RAM, which ensures the smoothness for processing and performance. It would also support 4G LTE network connectivity. That means the new phone would have a faster network surfing experience. As for the OS, we could make a bold expectation that the new smartphone would run on the Android 5 OS.

Of course, these are just some speculations and anticipations towards the LG Optimus G2. It’s still not certain when we could get this smartphone as now it is only in the rumor stage. 

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