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Monday, November 26, 2012

New features anticipated to be included in Android 5 OS

Along with the Android 4.2 update, there have been anticipations on the next Android OS. The next generation of Android OS is mostly rumored as Android 5, with a codename of Key Lime Pie. Actually, the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean already brought us some powerful and useful features. Thus, in the next generation, what would people long for? After a survey, the below are about some anticipations collected from some people. Here I would like to feature some of those that made more sense to us. Well, it couldn’t be promised that they'll be noticed by Google or anything, but it's a start! At least more things will surely be learned about the ways people would like to see the platform evolve. Let's take a closer look at these anticipations.
Android 5
1. From IHateApple, “WebOS like multitasking, a "Lite" version for older/cheaper phones (like Galaxy Mini, Xperia Tipo etc.), Siri like assistant, and MOST IMPORTANTLY an option to remove manufacturer customizations.”

2. From MANSBH, “Lots of thing need to be done, for the time being I want to request to improve in Calls Option "Black List". At the time of creation of Black List from Contacts we have to include one by one, it will be perfect to add required numbers in one time process by clicking them.  Thanks”

3. From ilia1986, “I'd love to see a dedicated memory manager which would allow the user to set which apps can be killed whenever the phone is running our of Ram and which apps cannot. Also, battery improvements would be nice via native smart management. For example - when phone connected to Wifi - shut down data. When phone is asleep - shut down screen orientation sensor, etc.”

4. From tumchaaditya, “Offline maps for entire country.. With 16+GBs of memory, the size is certainly not an issue anymore.. I doubt maps for even USA will exceed 5GB(ofcourse excluding satellite and street-view data). and ofcourse, the rumored project roadrunner.”

These above four features are listed here for they’re mostly anticipated to be included in the next generation. And what’s your anticipation? Maybe you can also share your own one in the comment part to make your idea known to Google or anything else. 

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