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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rumor roundup: Detailed information on iPhone 5 features, specs, release time and price

For a long time period, people have been guessing about the detailed information about the next generation of iPhone. Now, only a few yards away from the rumored official release of iPhone 5 on Apple’s Sep. 12th event, things seem to be clearer. Since the existing rumors and speculations, we might get a general acknowledgement about the iPhone 5. And today, right before the official release of iPhone 5, I would like to make a guess on iPhone 5 specs and features upon different rumors, to see how many features I could get here.
iPhone 5
The name of the next generation of iPhone is always a big concern for all people. Just like the fifth generation of iPhone and the third generation of iPad, which are named respectively iPhone 4S and the new iPad, the next generation of iPhone, actually the sixth generation of Apple iPhone, might get some difference from its traditional way of naming. But it is highly believed to be under the name of iPhone 5. This could be concluded from the invitations Apple sent for the September 12th event. Also, while the upcoming iPhone is the sixth generation, the name iPhone 5 in fact shows some difference from iPhone 6.

Well, if there is one thing people might get the same opinion, it is the design: all believe it to be bigger and thinner. It is bigger so as to meet the 16:9 aspect ratio, while with a slim phone body less than 8mm thickness. As for the appearance, it is believed the next iPhone would be similar to its predecessors.

Display is also a big concern. The iPhone 5 is going to bigger 4" LCD screen with a resolution of 1136 by 640 pixels, which sports a very high pixel density of 326ppi, just like on the iPhone 4S Retina Display. This would make it excellent to watch HD movies on iPhone 5. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, iPhone 5 produces quite amazing experience for movies, YouTube videos, video games, etc.

iPhone 5
Until right now, there’s little information about the processor of the upcoming iPhone. We can make some conclusion from spy shots that iPhone 5 is going to run on the Apple A6 chip supposedly made by Samsung, not Apple’s own A5X SoC and A5 processor. What makes the A5X better than the A5 is the mighty GPU, but the new iPhone won't really require that much GPU power for HD Retina Display. Therefore, it seems logical Apple to develop a new processor with performance suitable for the new iPhone and power efficiency to ensure decent battery life.

Well, for the camera, there’s not big improvement in the next iPhone, still an 8MP camera on the rear, just like iPhone 4S’ camera and getting the same performance in shooting as that of iPhone 4S. But the front camera is said to be improved to support HD video calls over FaceTime.

Obviously, none expects the next iPhone without LTE support, just like the new iPad. Currently, there’re quite a lot of smartphones in the market supports LTE network connectivity. But for the patent issue with Samsung, it seems that Apple might get difficulty to add LTE support in iPhone 5. As for NFC (Near Field Communication), people have been looking forward to this ever before iPhone 4S, but it still seems to be less likely in iPhone 5.

Very few people would doubt the iOS 6 in iPhone 5, which means that the new iPhone would at least include around 200 new features, including Apple's new 3D maps with turn-by-turn navigation, deep Facebook integration, FaceTime over Cellular, and many more.

Nano SIM card
There’ve reports that the next iPhone would adopt Nano SIM cards, which are even smaller and therefore leave more precious room inside the device for additional circuitry. So yeah, folks that are upgrading will have to get a Nano SIM card from their carrier and won't be able to pop in their old one, which is a slight, but manageable inconvenience.

iPhone 5
We expect seeing a new, smaller dock connector on the new iPhone, not the well-known, but kind of old 30 pin one. Therefore, included will be a new cable that owners will use to hook up their smartphone to a computer, or to simply charge its battery. A smaller dock connector will also free up some valuable space inside of the device, so that additional components can be installed, just like what the introduction of Nano SIM cards will do. Another accessory that might be altered is the wired headset. Photos that were leaked a few days ago suggest that the earphones have been redesigned, but whether that rumor holds water or not will become known in about a week.

Battery life
Battery has always been the concern for all smartphones, especially for such successful phones like iPhone. Since it would be bigger, the battery life seems to be even more important. It is reported that the new iPhone's battery shows a 1,440mAh cell, which is not enough even compared to the iPhone 4S’ 1,430mAh battery. Of course, Apple might have balanced things out by applying some advanced power management techniques, but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for a bigger battery up to the smartphone's announcement.

Launch date and pricing
The release date is for sure to be September 12th, while the launch date is expected to be September 21st. Nothing is certain as far as pricing is concerned, yet judging by what previous models have been priced at, a base model with 16 gigs of storage will probably cost $199 with a 2-year contract. Doubling its storage will probably cost you an extra $100, and a 64GB model will most likely be priced at a cold $399 on contract.


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