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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Confirms September 12th Event Probably Regarding iPhone 5: It’s Almost Here

Previously, there were reports saying that Apple would release the next iPhone on a September 12th event. Now, the September 12th event has been officially confirmed by Apple Inc. Apple has sent out invites to media on September 4th to confirm the September 12th event, which only says "It’s almost here" with a shadowed “5” underneath the September 12 date. The event will begin at 10 a.m. in San Francisco.
iPhone 5 release event

From this invitation, we could mostly be sure that the company would debut its next iPhone on that day. 

From the invitation, we might get some detailed information about the next generation of iPhone. The first is of course the release date, which is most probably September 12th, at least on that day Apple would introduce something about the next iPhone. 

Secondly, according to the shadow of the number “5”, we could boldly guess that the next generation of iPhone would be named with a “5”, mostly likely iPhone 5

Thirdly, Apple typed “It’s almost here” on the invite, which might remind us the official shipment of the next iPhone. Mentioning the official availability of the next iPhone, there were reports which indicated that the shipment of the iPhone 5 would be nine days after the September 12th event. That's to say September 21st shipment of iPhone 5. And combined with the words “It’s almost here” on the invitation, we could also get to know that the previous report about the shipment of iPhone 5 might be exactly the fact.

I would like to provide more up-to-date information about the next generation of iPhone. So, you just need to mark the date and stay tuned here.

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