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Monday, February 27, 2012

How to burn DVD from video in various video file formats

How to guide
Question 1: “I need something to join MP4 files from my video camera and put them on a DVD so it will play in a US player?

Question 2: “What is the best video burner? Actually I have FLV, MKV and MP4 files and I want to burn a DVD. So what is the best one? Cause I don’t want to lose my audio video quality.

Question 3: “Questions about burning DVDs?
Here is my situation: I have a Windows 7 laptop with a DVD RW drive. I have a youtube downloader software which downloaded a television series for me as MP4s. Now I am trying to burn those files to a dvd (DVD + R) so that I can view them on my television by using the free version of Nero 11 (before anyone asks, I cannot use Windows DVD maker). I've never burned a dvd before so my questions might be stupid:
1. Is it normal for a 4.38 GB disc to only be able to hold about 100 minutes worth of videos? Nero is telling me that I can only have 5 files on my disc, but this seems kind of low to me...
2. Is it possible to compress video files and still be able to burn them to a dvd and be able to watch it on my tv? If so, how might I go about it?
If you'd like to tell me how to compress files in general, I'm all eyes.”

The answers to the above questions could all be Yes, only with the help of a Video to DVD Burner, a DVD burning program which could easily convert videos to DVD discs or folders to help you burn DVD from videos in various video file formats like FLV, MKV, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, WebM, etc. and watch videos on DVD players freely.
DVD Creator
The bellow guide shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to burn video to DVD:
1. Download the video to DVD burner program. (If you are using a Mac OS computer, then you need a Mac Video to DVD Burner.)
2. Install this video to DVD converter and start it to add source video files to this program.
3. If you want to customize your source video files and add 3D effect for output DVD files, click the Edit and 3D button on the menu bar respectively. (Optional operation)
4. Click the “Burn to DVD” button on the bottom right to set DVD menu and templates. Various menu and templates are provided for you to choose from. You can also customize the menu and templates you choose.
5. After setting disc menu and templates, click “Next” button to do more settings about DVD creation, including: volume label, output file type, output directory, output TV standard settings (different countries are in different TV standards, the following picture shows you the TV standards in different regions), aspect ratio, size, disc type, bit rate, etc.
DVD region
6. Click the “start” button to start to burn video to DVD with this video to DVD creator.

Notes for Question 3:
Your 4.38 GB disc could hold a 100 minutes worth of videos, but the video quality would be very low. You could compress video files and still make it able to burn to DVD discs. If you want to compress your video files, choose the DVD-5 (4.7GB) in Disc Type and set Bit Rate low enough to adjust the size of output DVD files in Step 5.

When the video to DVD burning progress finishes, you can stream the converted DVD files to your TV or DVD players to watch videos on DVD players or TV freely.

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