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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Convert MP4 to HTML5, MP4 to WebM, MP4 to VP8

HTML 5, the latest web standard, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, is reported to be the future browser. With newly added factors like video, audio, HTML 5 now enables you to add or deal with media files much easier. HTML 5 presents visitors more eye-catching pages and more enjoyable web experience. HTML 5 sites have some differences from sites using older standards. Take video for example, HTML sites commonly use flash players for delivering video while HTML 5 sites requires videos in WebM – WebM is a new video- audio format especially for HTML 5 video. WebM video provides high definition video quality but is much smaller than other video formats like MKV, MP4. So if you wanna create a HTML 5 page or upload video to HTML 5 sites for sharing, make sure the video is in WebM.

This post would tell you how to convert MP4 to HTML5, or MP4 to WebM/VP8 videos to let you freely watch videos in HTML5 videos with the help of MP4 to HTML5 Converter, a video converting program which could also help you easily convert video in other file formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, etc. to HTML 5/WebM/VP8 videos.
Steps to convert MP4 to HTML5/WebM/VP8
1. Download MP4 to HTML5 Converter for free and install it for processing.

2. Import source MP4 video files to this MP4 to HTML5 Converter.
3. Click Profile button to choose VP8 Video – HTML5 VP8 Video Profile (*.webm) as output profile. If you need, you can click settings button to change output profile parameters, including: bit rate, video size, aspect ratio, frame rate, quality, etc.
4. Convert MP4 to HTML5/WebM/VP8 by clicking convert button.

After you convert MP4 to HTML5 videos, you can now upload your videos to your HTML5 browser for freely enjoyment.

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  1. Lot of useful points are there. Its really keeps me updated.
    youtube html5 player| html5 converter

    1. Really happy this is helpful for you. Contact me anytime if more information is needed.

  2. Processing video is one thing, but flash makes it in a proprietary, close-source way (AFAIK, correct me if i’m wrong). html5offers easy way for web developers to present video or audio. When the HTML4 era ends, there will be no hacks, embed, object and other tags needed, javascript tricks to achieve this in any browser.On the other way, it will be hard for developers of browsers, BUT: it’s still better than having only one close-source technology to have video on site. There is a real concurrency between browsers, so their developers will surely try to make it the best way they can. Unlike Flash developers, in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for your visiting and commenting, and your useful info about HTCML5 as well.



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