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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apple iPad 3 or iPad 2S prices leaked: $70 higher than iPad 2

Apple iPad 3
The long anticipated iPad 3 will mostly be released on March 7th. With the release date and specs of iPad 3 probably confirmed, which people especially Apple iPad fans focus now goes to the prices of iPad 3. Yesterday, I came across a question on Yahoo.Answer on the price of the next generation of Apple iPad, the most probably iPad 3, or named as iPad 2s. The original question is like this: When will it be released and will the iPad 2 price go down?? By how much??

It is my pleasure to provide some price information about the iPad 3 for all Apple iPad fans who care about the price and are considering waiting for and buying an iPad 3. It has been known to all that the next iPad, named either iPad 3 or iPad 2S, will still include three versions with different volume, respectively 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Due to the improvement of hard ware of iPad 3, like the higher screen resolution (2048*1536), rumored A6 processor, etc. all of which seem to make iPad 3 a HD player for you to watch HD movies on iPad 3 freely, the prices of iPad 3 will be a little bit expensive than that of iPad 2. The price rumors of iPad 3 go that: the WiFi-only iPad 3 will be $80 higher than that of iPad 2, respectively $579 for 16GB version, $679 for 32GB version and $779 for 64GB version, while the iPad 3 with WiFi+3G will be priced $70 higher than that of iPad 2, respectively priced $699, $799 and $899 for each version. These prices are just rumored online. And as there are rumors that there would be 4G LTE iPad 3, it still needs confirmation from Apple officially.

For the price reduction of iPad 2 after iPad 3 comes out, there are just rumors and guess work, no official news from Apple. The first-generation iPad got a $100 price cut until units ran out when the iPad 2 was released, but that was when there was basically no competition for the Apple tablets. As for the price cut of iPad 2, it is mostly supposed the iPad 2 will be priced lower to $299 or even lower. Of course, these are just my guess from the comparison of iPad 2 and the first iPad.

I would like to provide more information about iPad 3 and other latest devices here. So stay tuned.

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