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Friday, February 3, 2017

Pre-acquaintance of Xbox Project Scorpio - Release Date and Specs

The release of Xbox One S has been a wonderful success. This new console has brought totally different gaming experience to worldwide users, especially the 4K processing performance. With much anticipation, the next console from Microsoft has been discussed for long. That is Xbox Project Scorpio.

Microsoft just announced its mysterious Project Scorpio as part of the Xbox presentation at E3 2016. However, the release only contained some details of this new console, promising a powerful new toy for Xbox fans. No image or photo of the machine has been revealed yet. While updates regarding Scorpio since E3 have been relatively quiet, based on the revealed specs of Scorpio, comments from developers and officials indicate this console will bring a truly next-gen gaming experience.

Xbox Project Scorpio release date

The release data of Xbox Project Scorpio should be an urgent thing that fans want to know about. Because the Xbox One S was launched late last year, it poses a problem to consumers who might want to hold off on the latest Xbox iteration and opt for the over-performing Scorpio instead. The initial Scorpio reveal came with a Holiday 2017 release date, and nothing has been said that makes us believe this is no longer the case.

Xbox Project Scorpio specs

This new system's biggest selling point is graphical fidelity and processing power, though component specifics haven't yet been given. However, Phil Spencer recently asserted that games will be natively rendered and run at 4K when Scorpio launches. The head of Xbox also stated that development on the console's games lineup is gearing up ahead of this year's E3 presentation.

A recent leak gave a better idea of what will be inside the Scorpio, and what has changed from previous Xbox consoles. This report once again confirmed a six teraflop GPU, which will allow not only native 4K resolution but for much higher framerate in games. Based on the same report, Digital Foundry determined that the ESRAM present in Xbox One and Xbox One S will not be present in Scorpio. This will allow the console's confirmed eight CPU cores to run at higher-clocked power, even if it is based on existing technology.

Xbox Project Scorpio price

With all that additional power, players have expected that Scorpio won't be cheap.  The upgraded Xbox One S launched in a 2TB model for $399 last summer, but bundles pricing the 500GB version at $249 were popular during the holiday season. Scorpio will obviously cost more, with its direct competitor, the 4K-friendly PS4 Pro, also priced at $399. However, comments from Microsoft insiders still conflict on what exactly this upcoming release means for the larger Xbox console library.

We will likely learn more about Scorpio during Microsoft's E3 presentation this year, including the price, release day, and any potential bundles. For what it's worth, the original Xbox One launched in November, but the lineup of games coming this year will likely determine where Scorpio is placed.

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