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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seagate introduces 512GB SSD Game Drive for Xbox One

Xbox is far more than a simple gaming console. Many Xbox console owners even use Xbox to watch movies, especially the newly released Xbox One S, which comes with the feature of 4K Blu-ray disc playback. The Xbox One S ships with a big storage of up to 2TB, but the Xbox One is not big enough for gaming and movie watching.   

Very recently, Seagate has introduced a 512GB SSD (solid state drive) game drive for Xbox One, aiming to provide Xbox owners with some extra speedy storage for gaming and movie playback. This would be a great news for those who have long complained about the small storage of Xbox One, which has successfully prevented them from more wonderful games.

The drive even sports Xbox branding, coming in a pretty attractive black and green enclosure with the Xbox logo appearing in one corner.
As for the drive itself, it uses flash storage that should noticeably improve load times over typical mechanical hard drives. The drive also doesn't require a power cable, meaning the single connection to the Xbox is all it requires to work. For those concerned with space, Seagate claims that the 512GB drive should hold up to 15 Xbox One titles on average.

Seagate's Game Drive for Xbox SSD will go on sale in November for $199, and is expected to be available at Gamestop and Amazon. For now, you can read more at Seagate's website.

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