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Sunday, October 9, 2016

4 Best Calendar Apps for Android Devices

A wonderful calendar app could help you mark the date for big events and keep all things, private and business affairs, well informed to you. Facebook recently launched its Events App for iOS, with which users can plan their attendance to nearby events and sync with their friends to enjoy some quality time together. Users could easily keep track of the conferences, concerts, and parties that they may want to attend. However, currently the Facebook Events App is only available for iOS devices. Android users have to wait, or turn to other similar apps. That’s why we’ve collected 4 best calendar apps for Android devices in this post.

aCalendar (Free or $4.99 for full features)

Ranking first on many reviewers' lists of calendars, aCalendar surely deserves its place at the top.

The app features a solid assortment of features, such as many types of views, multiple widgets and more. To those who can get by with basic tools, it comes at zero additional cost.

Productivity oriented users might want to fork out $4.99 for the full version, which comes with more control features and gesture controls.

CloudCal ($2.50 for full features)

Android users get one of the most intuitive and easy-on-the-eyes ways of showing how busy they are on any given day. ClouldCal uses a system dubbed Magic Circles, which depicts days as clock faces, with each activity corresponding to a circle (or slice) of a different color.

The app features a neat integration of customizable views, calendar import and gesture support, and it plays nice with apps such as Google Maps, Uber, and Waze. Keep in mind that in order to use the transportation apps you need to shell out $2.50 for the Pro version.

Google Calendar (Free)

Google's proprietary Calendar app delivers a clean, bright interface and a multitude of views: traditional month and week views alongside schedule-focused views.

Integration with your Gmail account lets you automatically sap information about flights, hotel accommodation, and restaurant reservations from your emails and create events based on said info. You may also use it for reminders and to-do lists.

DigiCal (Free)

DigiCal is a versatile Android calendar that offers a myriad of view modes and widgets.

Users can have an overview or a detailed breakdown of their schedule, thanks to the day, week, month or year-based view mode.

The app plays nice with Exchange, Outlook and Google Calendar. What is more, DigiCal lets you know when to pack an umbrella thanks to its embedded weather forecast, and its invitation management and time zone features are quite useful, as well.

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