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Friday, August 5, 2016

How to Watch 4K Blu-ray Disc on Xbox One S

The smaller, slimmer and sharper Xbox One S has finally been officially released. Some people now even have received their Xbox One S consoles ahead of the release date. 4K becomes one of the biggest shinning point of Xbox One S.

According to the official website of Xbox One S on 4K Blu-ray disc enjoyment and 4K content stream, “With four times the resolution of standard HD, 4K Ultra HD delivers the clearest, most realistic video possible. Stream 4k content on Netflix and Amazon Video and watch Ultra HD Blu-ray movies in stunning visual fidelity with High Dynamic Range.”

So, there comes the question: does Xbox One S out of boxing really supports 4K Blu-ray disc playback? According to the report, Xbox One S owners have to update Xbox One S 2TB console to play 4K Blu-ray disc after unboxing. With the update, Xbox One S could play 4K Blu-ray discs. However, it should be noted that only the Xbox One S 2TB console version supports 4K Blu-ray disc playback. If you want to watch 4K Blu-ray disc on other Xbox One S models, you need make use of a 4K Blu-ray ripper software to rip and convert 4K Blu-ray disc to 4K MP4/MKV videos. The below steps would show you how to convert 4K Blu-ray disc to 4K MP4/MKV videos so that you could watch 4K Blu-ray disc on any 4K TV other than with Xbox One S 2TB console.
How to watch 4K Blu-ray discs on any 4K TV?
  1. Install this 4K Blu-ray ripper software on your computer and launch it.
  2. Insert your 4K Blu-ray disc into the BD drive (make sure your BD drive read your 4K Blu-ray disc).
  3. Open the "Convert" tab, and click the "Add Blu-ray/DVD" button to load 4K Blu-ray disc from the drive.
  4. Click the drop-down button next to the "Add Photo" option and then select "Change" to enter the "Profile" panel. Open the "Format > 4K Video" group to select either 4K MP4 or 4K MKV as output format.
  5. Return to the main interface and click the big green "Convert" button.
  6. On the popup sidebar, set output directory in the "Save to" box. Make sure your hard drive get enough space since 4K Blu-ray disc is often large.
  7. Then click the bottom "Convert" button on the side panel to start converting 4K Blu-ray disc to 4K MP4/MKV video.
After converting, you could then stream the converted 4K Blu-ray disc to your 4K TV or Xbox One S for 4K movie enjoyment.

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