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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Glasses-Free 3D Movie Screens May Soon Come into Movie Theatre

3D video, despite never really succeeding as a consumer-level product, still has some success today in movie theaters, as more and more big-budget movies are released in 3D to try and squeeze a few more dollars out of patrons. Some movie studios even tried to turn 2D movies to 3D to reproduce classic movies in 3D effect and bring the 3D versions to theatre, such as Titanic. But there are drawbacks to 3D movies: cinematically, the polarizing 3D glasses also result in darker, less vibrant perception of the movie. Based on these, glasses-free 3D movie viewing technology has been required.


Though glasses-free 3D viewing technology has already available, it relies on screens with massive resolution requirements. Therefore it’s impractical to recreate the big-screen movie theatre experience. However, the glass-free 3D movie experience might shortly come into theatre since researchers have developed 3D movie screens that don't require 3D glasses.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sky Q Ultra HD 4K Service Would Start from August 13 Covering Sports, Film and TV Shows

According to the report several days ago, Sky will make use of its recently-launched Sky Q technology to broadcast Ultra HD 4K service since this August 13. Currently, the service would cover 4K content in sports, films and TV shows.

Ultra high-definition is seen as the next wave of TV viewing, and comes around 10 years after Sky introduced high-definition broadcasts. The number of pixels in any one space is typically four times more than HD, meaning colours, light and small details are much more vivid. (For detailed information, please visit What is 4K.)

As to the detailed 4K content that would be available from Sky Q after August 13, the company's "Ultra HD" service will show 124 live Premier League games, all upcoming Formula 1 races and over 70 movies in the new format. As well as football and Formula 1, Sky said it would have the UK TV premiere of James Bond's Spectre in Ultra HD, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Revenant and Matt Damon’s The Martian.


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