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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Top 5 Best Android Puzzle Games for Android Devices

The Play Store is a home to a number of games that you can just waste your time with.  There are also games that could exercise your brain cells and make sure they are working.  If you are up for some challenge and entertainment at the same time, then you might want to take a look at our list of the five best Android puzzle games.  Test your wits with these addictive games that could keep you glued on your screen until you finally solve the puzzle.  I’m guilty of saying just one more game, only to find out that I finished the entire game after some time.  Without further ado, here are the top puzzle games for Android.

World of Goo
2D Boy’s title is a 2D puzzle platformer that received the Game of the Year award including best games for Android lists in various websites.  Get blown away with its deep and engaging physics-based gameplay that will surely fascinate you until you finish the game. The puzzles are entertaining and give a sense of fulfillment after.  The visuals are fantastic as well.  World of Goo is a must buy as it’s the ultimate, addictive puzzler you want to install in your phones or tablets.  Each Android device owner needs this in their games library.  Read our World of Goo review and see why it received 4.5 out of 5 Woofs.

Where’s My Water?
Disney Mobile’s most successful franchise is one of those rare finds.  With plenty of content, Where’s My Water? is an irresistible puzzle game that’s hard to put down.  The puzzles are clever, and the graphics are stunning granting this game is set in the sewers.  Kids and/or adults will love it with its life-like, liquid-based physics gameplay even though the collectibles are easy to find.  Check our review of Where’s My Water? where it received a near flawless score of 4.5 out of 5 Woofs.  Btw, I also reviewed the latest installment of this franchise, Where’s My Mickey?, garnering the same rating as the original thanks to its interesting new elements.

This Android game from Lonely Few is a lovely puzzler that will give you a surprising challenge.  The idea of Blendoku is original as you tap and drag to complete a sequence of colors.  It stands out despite the fact that it’s simple.  You may find this a cliché, but it is one of those games that are easy to play yet hard to master.  It has a lot of varied stages that gets updated often which will satisfy your craving for another addictive puzzle game.  Everyone can play this except for the color blind.  After playing, you are sure to appreciate different colors.  It is worth picking up as evidenced by our Blendoku review giving it a perfect 5/5 Woofs.

The Room
Fireproof Games’ first title is a success as it received numerous awards.  Overall, the mechanics are pretty good.  Although it doesn’t have any dialogue, The Room sets the tone with its gorgeous and puzzling visuals.  The mechanical puzzle-solving is unique in its own right that will stimulate you mentally.  Read our review of The Room where we rated it only 4 Woofs because of wonky rotation mechanics and we wish it’s a bit longer.  Nevertheless, it is still a must-have if you’re a puzzle fan who loves mystery and suspense.

Kiip developed this beautiful, straight-forward, enjoyable, and free puzzle game for us to enjoy.  7×7 is the ideal pick up & play puzzler.  Though it doesn’t have leaderboards and might get repetitive after a while, this simple Android game is still addictive.  Matching blocks isn’t new but with its crisp design, it will pique your interest for quite some time.  If you have an Android-powered gadget, you should download 7×7 pronto as suggested by my colleague, Levi Fowler.  Read his 7×7 review here.  Oh, before I forget, it only takes less than a couple of megabytes on your hard drive space, so there’s plenty enough of room in your storage.

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