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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New features regarding the 4.5" touchscreen and 41MP camera of Nokia EOS exposed

Nokia EOS is surely expected by many people. Now, this new Nokia flagship rumored to have a 41MP camera gets leaked again. Upon the report from WmPowerUser, the Nokia EOS would feature polycarbonate material phone body, camera with xenon flash and auxiliary focus lamp, supporting automatic lens cap, and the same screen size and resolution as Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia EOS

Meanwhile, the camera is designed to be round with xenon flashlight. The whole size of the camera, including the flashlight and lens, is smaller than that of Nokia 808PureView. Additionally, just like the Nokia N82, the xenon flashlight is assisted with LED flashlight to realize focusing in dim light.

Nokia EOS
The unique point of Nokia EOS’s camera is that the lens gets automatic lens cap, which will open for use when camera is being used. But it’s reported in this report that the Nokia EOS’s camera resolution was not clearly marked, but marked with “XX Megapixels” besides the camera lens.

It is reported the touchscreen size and resolution of the Nokia EOS is the same as that of Lumia 920, but differs in material. The Nokia EOS is rumored to get AMOLED screen display. The speaker is set in the phone body, and it’s much lighter than Lumia 920.
Nokia EOS
A new app namely “Nokia Pro Camera” was also reported in this report, which brings brand-new interface and even supports manual focusing. WmPowerUser confirmed the abovementioned news and revealed multiple colors of this new smartphone will be provided. It also said this new smartphone would not support wireless charging, but support to change back shell to realize charging.

As for the release date, the Financial Times once revealed that Nokia EOS would be released in July on AT&T exclusively as premiere, and then welcome the international release after 1 to 3 months. But the latest news showed that Nokia EOS might get premiered in late summer or early autumn, mostly probably in the Nokia 2013 World Congress in September. 

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