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Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips for You to Prepare a Christmas Themed Party

Christmas is getting close. Whether you are still in the midst of the last minute Christmas newsletter design, or just want to spice up the desktop a little bit, chances are there’s always something for everyone. Buying a Christmas gift for your friend or family is one way to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Having a Christmas party can be one of the best parts of the season, however, instead of going the traditional route, consider throwing one with a theme. It may take a little more work to put together, but it can result in even more fun. Many of the Christmas party theme ideas are appropriate for adults as well as kids and are sure to have your guests thoroughly in the Christmas spirit.
Christmas party
We have everything you could possibly desire for your Christmas Party this year. Make some preparations before you choose a Christmas theme. 

1. Choose a favorite holiday movie and revolve the theme around the characters, setting, and plot. A few movies to pick from are A Christmas Story, Bad Santa, Elf, A Christmas Carol. It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street.
2. Have every couple dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and bring the kids as little elves.
3. Celebrate one of the biggest winter holidays in the Caribbean! A unique idea for Christmas themed parties is a luau complete with leis, palm trees, tropical foods and BBQ, and island-inspired decorations.
4. Make the Christmas party a black tie affair and give everyone an excuse to dress up. Serve tasty appetizers, stock the bar, hire local party staff, and let friends and family feel like celebrities.
5. Christmas theme ideas for holiday parties don't have to be traditional. Pick a favorite bar or restaurant and simply throw an informal cocktail party. Ask each guest to bring a toy or present to donate to an important cause and use this opportunity to catch up before all the holiday craziness.

Some Christmas party themes for reference:

1. Winter Wonderland Theme 
What can you expect from this type of party? Well, there will be snow falling through the reception, brilliant snow white drapes and lighting to bring the scene to life with back drops that make the venue feel you are in Lapland. 

Another great bonus of the best Winter Wonderland style parties is the ice rink dance floor and DJ! It would be impossible to not have fun especially seeing as some parties even include elves that will join the party. 

2. Chocolate Factory style 
What to expect at this style of party? You will find yourself in a land of lollipops and candy canes, Oompa Loompas and cocktails amongst giant toadstools and flowers! Wonka bars will be aplenty and of course a 3 course meal before you hit the dance floor. 

3. Las Vegas Glam Parties 
What to expect from this style of party? You will see giant golden palm trees and Vegas paraphernalia such as an Elvis figure and Vegas signs. What’s most cool about this type of party is the Elvis impersonator and casino tables where you can let loose and watch your colleagues go wild. 

At last, wish you all a fantastic Christmas party…

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