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Friday, November 30, 2012

Apple officially rolled out the redesigned iTunes 11 with cleaner interface for better enjoyment

Though it comes a little bit late, Apple has finally officially announced the release of the redesigned iTunes 11 on Thursday. As claimed by Apple, the iTunes 11 is “Completely redesigned. For your viewing, listening, browsing, and shopping pleasure. The new iTunes makes it easier than ever to browse and organize your music, movies, and TV shows.” People now could download iTunes 11 on Apple’s official site, while Mac users could directly update it via Mac App Store. This new version of iTunes has got quite bright improvements in the iTunes history. Apple also released an iTunes 11 hands-on video on YouTube, which you can watch below:
iTunes 11 Features
In short, iTunes 11 features a new interface, an improved MiniPlayer, deeper iCloud media content synchronization, and more. In long, read more below.

1. Increased social media integration will allow users to share their favorite songs on Twitter and Facebook, replacing the now defunct Ping.

2. iTunes 11 will bring more iCloud integration. Users will now be able to start a song on a MacBook and, thanks to improved synchronization, resume the song on an iPhone. Similarly, begin watching a movie on an Apple TV, pause it, and pick it back up on an iPad.

3. While playing a song with the window minimized, iTunes 11 will show a small box displaying the album cover art and the current song. In addition, a drop-down menu will display the playlist context with upcoming songs listed below.

4. Clicking on an item in your library (album, video, or app), will pop open an information window much like they do in iOS folders. 5. iTunes 11 will receive an interface update with a refreshed, edge to edge design. The archaic File, Edit etc menus at the top have been removed, and the clunky control buttons look much sleeker.

Of course, there’re still many other improvements. You can get them on the website of iTunes 11 for more detailed information. 

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