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Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 29: Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 while Google probably introduces Nexus 4

October 29th will no doubt become an important date on people’s calendar, for on that day Microsoft will hold an event in San Francisco to release Windows Phone 8. Now, the date would be marked on calendar by more people as there is another big event on the day. From the latest informed report, Google is going to hold an Android event October 29th, mostly probably to introduce the recently hot LG Nexus 4.
Google Android event
The Google event is Android related and could introduce the LG Nexus 4 and another Nexus phone from Sony. Earlier this month, a prototype of a device called the Sony Nexus X was pictured. Google has opened up the Nexus brandimg to any OEM that can produce hardware that conforms to certain standards.

It isn't all about the hardware, either. The event may also bring something about Android 4.2, which is called Jelly Bean and will bring some new features quite possibly including a quick settings menu.

The Google event will take place at 10am EDT. Microsoft's event will start 3 hours later at 10:00am PDT. Keep your eyes right here to find out what each event will mean for you.

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