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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Create Ringtones for iPhone 5 on Mac

I have just bought an iPhone 5. Also, I have some very wonderful songs which I plan to make them ringtones for my iPhone 5. Can I create iPhone 5 ringtones on Mac myself? What kind of iPhone 5 ringtone maker should I use and how to create ringtones for iPhone 5?”

Apple doesn't hide the fact you can make your own ringtones for free, but it's certainly not widely advertised. Plenty of iPhone users are still unaware how easy it is to create your own ringtones out of music you already own (or even music you create). The simplest Apple way to do so is through GarageBand, with steps showed bellow:
1. If you're using a song from your iTunes library, just open GarageBand, open iTunes, and simply drag and drop the song from iTunes to a new track in GarageBand.
2. Now click the Cycle Region button, which will activate the region loop tool.
3. Now adjust the length of the region to the section of the song you want to export to iTunes as a ringtone (40 seconds long or less), again as pictured above.
4. Finally, when you've got everything set the way you want it, just go to the menu bar and click Share, and then Send Ringtone to iTunes. GarageBand will automatically convert the song to the proper format and sync it to your iTunes library as a Ringtone.

Various iPhone 5 ringtone maker programs could be used to make ringtone for iPhone 5 for your iPhone. iPhone 5 ringtone maker for Mac could create ringtones for iPhone 5 for Mac users exclusively. This iPhone ringtone maker is a powerful Mac iPhone ringtone creator that can make ringtone for iPhone 5 on Mac agilely according to your preference with the audio files you have got in your iPhone or other places. It is quite easy and fast to create ringtones for iPhone 5 with this Mac iPhone 5 ringtone maker app. You can just check the following simple guide to know how easy to create ringtones for iPhone 5 on Mac at will:
iPhone 5 Ringtone Maker for Mac
1. Download the program and start to run it on your computer. You can either put ringtone sources on your PC into use, or take advantage of the video and audio files stored in iTunes.
2. Select file to create iPhone 5 ringtones. This tool employs Timeline panel to help you trim the required part precisely. You can as well edit the iPhone ringtone to make it more harmonious.
3. Begin the process to convert file to iPhone M4R ringtone format.

This iPhone 5 ringtone maker for Mac would automatically send the results to your iTunes. After using this iPhone 5 ringtone maker for Mac to create ringtones for your iPhone 5 on Mac OS X computer, you only need to sync the created ringtones to your iPhone 5 via iTunes or other data transferring app. 

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