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Friday, September 14, 2012

Clean up iTunes music library with iTunes cleanup tool

I have downloaded a lot of wonderful music files on my iTunes. Some of the music files have got several duplicates, while some others may have not complete music tags like artist, album, artwork, etc. Now, I would like to re-organize my iTunes music library. How can I clean up iTunes music library, delete duplicates in iTunes and get album artwork for iTunes music files easily? Is there such an iTunes cleaner tool to help me do this?

For many iTunes users, this problem is in fact very common. iTunes is not only a music player, but also a wonderful choice for users to store music files downloaded from online audio sites, iTunes store, or transferred from other media players. After long term of use, iTunes is not as clean and well organized as it used to be. It might get a lot of duplicates, music files with missed artist, album, artwork, etc. In such condition, it is necessary to clean up iTunes with professional iTunes cleaner tool. 
There are a lot of wonderful iTunes cleanup tool for you to choose online. These iTunes cleanup tools could help you clean up iTunes music files, delete duplicates in iTunes, get album artwork for iTunes music files, etc. Then, how to select the most effective iTunes cleaner program out of all choices, or which iTunes cleanup tool is the best? 

My standard for choosing the best iTunes cleaner program is that it should be easy to use, functional and with user-friendly program interface. Upon these features, I have tested a lot of iTunes cleanup tools and finally found the Tunes Cleaner for Mac fulfills me most. 

The Tunes Cleaner for Mac is indeed a powerful but easy to use iTunes cleanup program. It could clean up iTunes music library easily, delete duplicates in iTunes, get album artwork for iTunes, complete music information including musicians, album, cover, etc. What’s more, the most attractive point of this iTunes cleanup tool is the quite easy to use and user-friendly program interface. It is very easy to use this program to clean up iTunes music library. The simple interface would tell you all things to do in a very simple way. 

Besides the Tunes Cleaner for Mac, I also tried some other wonderful programs to clean up iTunes, including TuneUp and Song Sergeant. The TuneUp could easily fix mislabeled song info, remove duplicate songs, fill in missing album cover art, get concert alerts, music videos, artist bios and more. Song Sergeant intelligently identifies and removes duplicates, renames inconsistently named artists and albums, reunites orphaned song files to your library, and deals with missing song files.

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