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Monday, August 13, 2012

Transfer Pictures from Computer to iPhone 4S Freely for Convenient Sharing and Viewing

Transfer pictures to iPhone 4S freely
We can always meet questions online like this "I've got a lot of wonderful pictures on my computer. Now, I would like to transfer pictures from computer to my iPhone 4S so that I could view the pictures and share these pictures with my friends anytime anywhere. How can I transfer pictures from computer to iPhone 4S? Is there any simplest way to do this, I mean, without too many operations?" This has been quite common for mobile device fans, especially for Apple fans. 

Like people who want to transfer pictures from iPhone 4S to computer or iTunes, there're also a lot of people seeking for the way to sync pictures to iPhone 4s freely and easily. 

We know that iTunes can help people easily sync files between different iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad. Thus, when talking about transferring pictures to iPhone 4S or other iOS devices, the first choice appearing in our mind is certainly iTunes. However, iTunes could only transfer pictures in iTunes library to iPhone 4S, which means that to transfer pictures to iPhone 4s from computer, you need to firstly move your pictures from your computer to iTunes library and then you can sync pictures to iPhone 4s from iTunes. This would be a little bit troublesome. 

So, is there any easy to use iPhone 4s photo transfer program to easily transfer pictures to iPhone 4s without the use of iTunes? The answer is absolutely yes. There're a lot of useful iPhone 4S photo transfer apps online for you to choose from. Just take Leawo iPhone 4s photo transfer as an example. This iPhone 4S photo transfer is a powerful data transferring app that can successfully transfer files between all iOS devices, PC and iTunes. This iPhone 4S photo transfer is also very easy to use and sync photos to iPhone 4S from computer. You only need to set the way to import source photos, drag and drop source photo files to the program, then sync photos to iPhone 4S as you like. Of course, you need to connect your iPhone 4S to your computer beforehand. 

Actually, iTunes could only transfer files between iOS devices and iTunes, while practical iPhone 4s photo transfer apps can easily transfer photos between iOS devices, iTunes, computer and none-iOS devices quickly. If you only want to sync files between iOS devices and iTunes, iTunes is the first choice. But if you want to transfer files between more devices, it's strongly recommended you use professional file transferring apps. 

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