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Monday, August 6, 2012

3 Ways for You to Easily and Freely Get iPhone Ringtones to Your iPhone

Make iPhone RingtonesThe Apple iPhone has been commonly recognized as the most user friendly smartphones in the mobile phone market. Its overall performance in both communication and entertainment has been proved to be the best. However, even being the most popular smartphone in the world, iPhone couldn’t make everyone satisfied. Just take the iPhone ringtones for example; different iPhone users prefer different styles of ringtones. Some like gentle music while some others would prefer to ringtones with funny or even weird sound. And also, with so many wonderful ringtones available online for users to choose from, none would refuse to have attractive and beautiful ringtones for their iPhones.

If you’re sick of your plain old telephone ringer, what would you do to add get satisfactory ringtones for your iPhone? Will you choose to spend extra money to buy ringtones from iTunes or from online ringtones sites? Do you have any intension to make your own iPhone ringtones with the songs you like most? Actually, everyone can create iPhone ringtones from their favorite songs, audio tracks of some video clips, or even recorded voices. In this article, I would like to share some ways with all people to easily and freely get favorite songs or voices to iPhone as phone ringtones.

The first method is very simple. Every iPhone owner could search their favorite iPhone ringtones on iTunes and then spend some extra money to get these ringtones for iPhone. This is the simplest and most intuitive way to get iPhone ringtones. iPhone owners needn't worry about the incompatibility between ringtones and iPhone. The ringtones purchased from iTunes could directly be set on your iPhones. The only disadvantage is that you have to pay extra money to get the ringtones, even though it might be a very small amount.
Make iPhone Ringtones
If you don’t want to pay extra money on your iPhone ringtones, you can also try to download your desired ringtones from some ringtones sites. There’re abundant wonderful ringtones online for you to download. You can choose some free sites to download ringtones. Under this method, there’s risk of virus transmission from the internet to your devices. And you also have to pay attention to the ringtone format. You need to download ringtones in format that is friendly with iPhone, like AAC.

But what will you do if you couldn’t find your favorite ringtones online and iTunes, or you want to create iPhone ringtones with some specific audio tracks? In such case, you can make use of iPhone Ringtone Maker, a professional iPhone ringtone making program to help you easily make iPhone ringtone agilely according to your preference from various ringtone sources, including almost all video and audio in popular formats. With professional iPhone ringtone maker program, you can make use of any video and audio resources you have in your hard drive, iTunes, iPhone, etc. You can even record your own sound and then make iPhone ringtones out of it. Also, you can set the length of ringtones you make. There’re a lot of professional iPhone ringtones maker for you to choose from online, including both Windows and Mac version.

All the above 3 methods are quite easy to do. You can choose the way upon your own preference. However, whichever method you choose, make sure you have backup your desired iPhone ringtones before you jailbreak your iPhone or update your iTunes or iPhone Firmware. 

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