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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stix brings 3D Stickers for glasses to better your 3D movie enjoyment

Sticker 3D Vision
Have you watched the Titanic 3D or the Avatar movies in cinema? Amazing 3D effect, right? A lot of people like to watch 3D movies in cinema or to create 3D movies from 2D movies to experience the 3D stereoscopic effect for better movie enjoyment. Viewing 3D cinema is a truly gripping experience. But the 3D glasses would be a big problem, not only for it’s heavy and awkward, but also for its inconvenience for people who already wear glasses. Also, it is a waste of material and somewhat poses health hazard. Now, there is good news for all 3D movie fans. While watching 3D movies in cinema or with home theater system, people needn’t to wear another pair of 3D glasses anymore. Stix develops and offers an easy solution by being a pair of self-adhesive sticker 3D films viewing, Sticker 3D Vision. You can simply slap them onto your current numbered glasses and then you can enjoy your 3D movie with easy, no additional heavy 3D glasses needed now.

The concept of this new solution is from the developer’s own experience. When the developer himself wears his glasses to watch 3D movies in cinema and finds it’s too inconvenient for him to wear additional glasses. The stickers are cut out a shape bigger than average glasses to ensure they cover till the rim. It’s quite easy to use these stickers. You only need to peal the stickers off and then stick them to your glasses. After that, you can enjoy your 3D movies in cinema or at home comfortably and conveniently. Hopefully the sticker in Stix will be easy to peel off and then we are assured of a winner here!

3D Sticker Glasses

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