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Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Flash games to play with your better half

The 2012 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you made your plan on how to make a special Valentine’s Day with your loved one? Today, I would like to share some Love flash video games with you, for both singles and couples. In this special day, if you don’t want to make your wallet dried up, why not take a try of these love flash games with your better half. In the flash video games, there never lacks love stories, just like the Super Mario Bros. What’s more, you can record your flash game videos and convert flash game videos to video in various formats for different handset players, or you could even burn your flash game videos to DVD and make these flash game videos as a memory and witness of your love. In the future, it would be extraordinary romantic when you and your better half watch these videos together. Well, check the bellow content to get to know the five flash video games for Valentine’s Day:

Together is the winner of the 8th Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Mission of the game is to collect 6 hearts, together! Move your cursor to where you want to fly. The closer your cursor is to the edges of the gameplay area, the faster you will fly. A beast is always chasing you and will eat you if it gets close enough. Spin in smooth tight circles, to push it away. The Together Game was developed by OneMrBean. 

One and One Story

One on one is a story between a couple that have been separated by the unknown. Your task is to help them both reach each other again. To do this you will need to solve complicated puzzles. Move bricks into the wright areas to climb or to fall on top. If you fall from a steep height you will start from the beginning. The puzzles become much harder as you progress through the game. Good luck.

Love’s Cadence
Love's Cadence is a platform game in that you use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move, yet it also plays like a point-and-click adventure as you use your mouse to trigger several interactive spots to engage with a sparse population of secondary characters or alter the objects in Cadence's path. What you do at these spots develops the story and also determines how or whether you progress. There's two potential outcomes based on your choices: a grim ending or a more positive one. Since it's possible to reach the final room without discovering every area, be sure to explore all possibilities using [R] to reset and reconsider your choices.

Don’t Look Back
Don't Look Back is a retro styled platform game playable through Adobe Flash and designed by Terry Cavanagh. The game is a modern interpretation of the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek legend.
The game is a combination of two ideas; Cavanagh wished to create a "silly shooter" where the player's actions were "redeemed" after being shown from a different perspective, he also wished to create a game where the gameplay acted as a metaphor of the player's actions.

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself – Wedding Day section
This is a weird flash video game better for singles that may be hurt by love or hate love for some unhappy things happened before. Players are going to play as a bridegroom who doesn’t believe in love anymore and wants to stop the wedding through death. There are five minutes for bridegroom to find the marked place in the church to stimulate the self-inflicted story. If failed, the bridegroom has to continue the wedding and get married. 
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