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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPad 3 confirmed to release on March 7th with full HD movie playback and 4G LTE connectivity support

With long anticipation, the Apple iPad 3 has been finally confirmed to release on March 7th. Soon after the release date confirmed, the Wall Street journal claimed that the upcoming iPad 3 will support 4 G LTE network connectivity on both Verizon and AT&T. Sources said the two carriers will sell 4 G network technology supported iPad 3 and provide 4G network connectivity service for the next generation of iPad, which would arouse a new wave of investment boom in mobile connectivity. If the network doesn’t support 4G LTE, then the iPad 3 would automatically work on the 3G network connectivity.
Apple iPad 3
 Features the iPad 3 might include (guess work based on the full HD screen display):
1. Full HD movies playback: The 2048*1536 screen resolution has far surpassed the Blu-ray 1920*1028 resolution. Thus, from the screen resolution, it is quite enough to watch Blu-ray movies on iPad 3 for full HD movie playback.

2. High quality of reading experience close to printing papers: Aside the excellent performance to watch HD videos/movies on iPad 3, another app which ultra shows the high definition screen display of iPad 3 is eBook reading. The previous two generations of iPad have some difficulties in eBook reading with 132pixels/inch screen resolution to show 300pixels/inch information based on ePud format, which makes it hard to open pictures and magazines. While the iPad 3 with 264 pixels/inch screen resolution and PDF format supported fulfills these and improve eBook reading experience greatly.

3. Image and video shooting: Viewing pictures on iPad has always been wonderful, while the iPad 3’s high resolution screen display makes it better. With the screen resolution improved greatly, it is reasonable the iPad 3 camera would also be optimized, maybe up to 2.8 to 3 megapixels and 1080P video shooting available.

4. Full HD games: The gaming part in iPad 3 might be a flaw. The full HD screen display provides even better gaming experience for most games currently available on App Store. If Apple could bring some HD games, that would be really exciting things for all game fans.

5. Memory capacity – double or four times: With the full upgrade of HD movies and video playback, 300dpi PDF eBook, improved camera resolution, etc. the memory capacity is for sure to be extended at least double, in 32G to 128G.

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