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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iPad 3 back housing picture leaked and rumored February iPad 3 event delayed to March

iPad 3 vs. iPad 2 back case
An iPad 3 back housing picture leaked online recently from RepairLabs blog which indicates they have industry insiders in China has confirmed some changes of iPad 3. The leaked back housing of iPad 3 is pictured here, juxtaposed with the current iPad 2 back housing. Based on their analysis, the next generation of iPad would somewhat meet people’s speculations massively. The following things they found changed for the iPad 3:

A. Among the details offered by the metal housing is a new, smaller shape for the internal logic board. This would mean that the current A5 processor-based logic board would be ditched, presumably for a new design based on an A6 processor.

B. More battery. The battery problem has bothered Apple for its iPad and iPhone and most large screen display devices manufacturers. It is speculated that iPad 3 would adopt extended battery power. This picture seems to support that. The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3. The smaller size of the logic board opens up more room that Apple may use for an extended battery.

C. The camera is different. It is hard to make a judgment just by looking at the casing, but what we can expect is a different camera on the iPad 3 than what we had on the 2. As the rumors going on,

D. LCD will be different than what we have had before. Whether or not it will be the super screen we have seen reported will have to wait. But the different mounting does mean that the LCD has been redesigned at the very least.

Meanwhile, the rumored February iPad 3 event has been delayed to March according to a Japanese Apple blog report , when the currently iPad 2 was released last year and also the time rumored to release the iPad 3. This is very similar to the March iPad 3 release. This Apple blog named Mactokara said that the "special event" it heard about from an "Asian supplier and a source from the United States" would bring the official unveiling of the iPad 3 is actually taking place next month. Considering the release date of iPad 2, this seems to be much credible.
iPad 3

In fact, when the iPad 3 will be released is not the top important. The top concern towards iPad 3 is about the specs of iPad 3. What iPad 3 would bring to us matters greater, among which the screen display of iPad 3 has been a hot topic. The above leaked picture of iPad 3 back casing hints the possibility of the rumored quad-core A6 processor in iPad 3. What’s more, the rumored iPad 3 would feature with a Retina Display with up to 2048×1536 screen resolution, fourfold the resolution of the first two iPads. Together, the iPad 3 would produce even better video experience for users to watch HD videos on iPad 3. And from the leaked back casing picture and rumors, the iPad 3 would be thinner than the currently ipads, which makes it more convenient and lighter for carrying.

Anyway, these are just our speculations towards the next iPad. We will believe it when we see it. So, keep patient for the official release of iPad 3. I would like to share more news about iPad 3 with you, so, stay tuned for more.

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