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Friday, February 3, 2012

How to register iTunes freely without credit card

For iTunes users, it would be a very good choice to watch HD Blu-ray movies on iTunes or import DVD to iTunes and then sync content to iPhone or iPad for unlimited playback and enjoyment on iPhone or iPad. Of course, to buy and download music, movies, videos, apps, etc. from App Store via iTunes is also a favorite for iTunes users. But people who used iPhone or iPad must have known that they have to register and log in their iTunes account even when they want to download free software from iTunes store. In the course of registering iTunes account, you must bind the account with your credit card. When the binding succeeds, the system would automatically take off 1 dollar. Although 1 dollar is not a big deal and will be returned later, you may feel reluctant, especially when you have no credit card. Today I would like to share an easy method with you, which could let you register an iTunes account without a credit card.

Follow the bellow steps to know how:
1. Find a free app on the App Store and choose to download.
2. A dialog would be popped out to let you log in your Apple account. Click the Create New Account button to enter the registration page.  
3. Write registration materials and click Continue button after that.
4. Choose your payment way No. As long as you choose this, you needn’t to write credit card information, but only your name and email.
5. Confirm email address. After above steps finished, iTunes will send an email to your registered email account for confirmation. Go to your email and click the link in the confirmation email, which would bring you to Apple website, where you input your email code for the final confirmation.

After the final confirmation, you can now log in your iTunes account and download free apps without credit card.

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