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Monday, November 14, 2016

5 iOS 10 Features That Are Ideal in Theory but Poor in Practice

The Apple iOS 10 has brought great many wonderful features to satisfy fans’ needs. However, it is not perfect. Many Apple iOS device owners updated their iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS 10 but only to meet different kinds of bugs that couldn’t be seen on iOS 9. Even though the latest released iOS 10.1.1 has addressed several bugs, some features that seems to be ideal in theory still performs poor in practice.

This post lists 5 most common used features that are theoretically wonderful but deliver poor performance in practice. Also, you could get the solutions to fix these features for better experience.

Lift-to-wake feature

It seems like a good idea in theory: lift your iPhone and the screen automatically wakes. You don’t have to touch it or press a button, and you can see all your notifications at a glance. In practice? Pass your hand near your iPhone and it wakes the screen, even if you weren’t intending to do so.

How to fix it: go to Settings>Display & Brightness and deselect Raise to wake.

Reply to messages from locked screen

Another feature that’s great in theory but not in practice. While it’s nice to be able to reply to text messages without unlocking your phone, the problem arises when your phone isn’t in your control.

How to fix: go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode. Then scroll down to Reply with Message and toggle it to off.

Handwriting in Messages

Each time you open Messages and turn it to landscape mode, the screen automatically changes to handwriting mode. While some people will welcome the chance to handwrite their personal messages to friends and family, there’s a reason typed messages are popular – they’re easier to read for a start.

How to Fix: to kill off the handwriting mode as default, open Messages, turn your phone to landscape mode and press the keyboard icon. Every time you open Messages now, it will stay in keyboard mode. If you change your mind, you can always tap the handwriting icon when you enter portrait mode.


If you are using Apple’s Mail app, there are a few things you can do to make it easier to manage. First of all, make sure your default view is the newest message on top. It will save you hours of fruitless scrolling.

How to Fix: 1) To do this, go to Settings>Mail and scroll down to Threading. Select ‘Most recent message on top’.
2) Go to Settings>Mail>Threading, and uncheck Complete threads. This will collapse older messages within an email thread so you aren’t working your way through pages of messages you’ve already read (make sure you aren’t showing complete threads).

Press Home to unlock

If you use Touch ID, one of the most irritating changes in iOS 10 was having to press the home button even after your fingerprint unlocked the device. It added an extra step to what was a relatively smooth procedure. It’s easily fixed though.

How to Fix: go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Home button. Select rest finger to open. Your phone will now open once Touch ID has verified your fingerprint.

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