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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top 5 Football or Soccer Games for Android Users to Play on Android Devices

Most of my friends and I like sports games very much. We searched online for various wonderful football or soccer games to play on our Android devices. Once we got one app, we would like to take a try and then share these apps with each other or online with more people. So today, on my friends' demand, we will see some of the top football games one can play on his Android smartphone and tablet and bring the amazing experience to his handheld device.
Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular football or soccer games for Android devices below.

FIFA is the first word that comes to the mind of gamers when they hear anything closely related to football. Year after year, it’s setting new benchmarks in the world of virtual football games. And FIFA 2012 for Android is no different. The game brings all the real world-like play it’s known for to your Android devices. The game features 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players and around 32 authentic stadiums to play with them.

With so much about the details, you really need a large screen display to unleash the full potential of the game. The camera angle and controls are coordinated for smooth gameplay experience. The game also has amazing soundtracks to groove up your mood while you are customizing your player or team. EA will be releasing their latest update to the series, i.e. FIFA 2013 in the coming months. So if you can wait, it would be wise to invest in the latest version with all new updates.

Real Football
Real Football is yet another amazing football game for Android devices. If you don’t like the heavy price tag associated with FIFA, Real Football can act as an amazing alternative to it. We have already discussed most of it in the top sports app article I wrote about initially.

Like FIFA, you need a phone with a powerful processor to experience smooth gameplay. When it comes to the price, there’s not much of a difference between the two game titles. But if you are a diehard FIFA fan, you will always miss something in Real Football.

Football Manager Handheld 2013
Unlike the above two games, Football Manager tests your managerial skills instead of kicks and goals. In the game, you act as a manager of a team and you need to take care of off the field stuff like transfers, training, tactics, etc. The game is more like a real world simulation game where you need to act as a Football club manager and make it one of the best team by the end of the season. Both the players and the challenges will imitate real world scenarios. 

You can choose leagues from more than 14 countries and all the data is always up to date. The game can be played on almost all the android devices and doesn’t occupy much of memory card when compared to the above two titles.

Football Kicks
Bend it like Beckham with this game. The main aim of the game Football Kicks is to score goals through free kicks and penalty shootouts. The game can be compared to paper toss but instead of the paper ball, it’s the football and the bin is replaced by the goal post. The game has six different game modes to choose from and there are many locked contents to play for which makes the game addictive.

A user can completely personalize his player and unlock kits to make it even better. The game cannot be compared to FIFA and Real Football, but Football Kicks can be really fun to play when you are in a coffee shop and want to satisfy your strong urge for a football kick or two while enjoying a hot cup of java with chocolate muffins.

Fluid Soccer
Fluid Soccer is a strategic football game. If you think that it’s difficult to play games like FIFA and Real Football on your small screen display, this game is for you. In the game you need to manage the movement of all the players you have in the field to score a goal. You also need to direct your team by swiping the player movement on the two-dimensional field.
The game also includes a 3D view when it comes to precise goal shooting. For the beginners, the game provides hints to pass tricky challenges.  And to add to all that, the game has commentary by the Sony Award-winning team of Andy Gray and Richard Keys.

So these were some of the amazing football or soccer games you can download and play on your Android devices. Don’t forget to tell us which of these games are your personal favorites and do let us know if there’s an awesome football game that you missed in the list.

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