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Friday, May 31, 2013

17 New and notable apps for iOS devices and OS X

App Store

It has been busy in the App Store with a handful of new apps landing on iOS and OS X. Take a few minutes and check out our list of standout apps from the past few weeks!

iOS Apps

Video Filters [iOS Universal; Category: Photography & Video; US$3.99] Pro HD Video Camera with 100 Fully Customizable, Real-Time Video Filters.

HeartPhys [iPad; Category: Medical; $1.99] Learn physiology through interactive diagrams.

Stria [iOS Universal; Category: Music; $8.99] Multilevel Interactive Sound Synthesizer "Stria" is the title of a very important composition by John Chowning. This computer music piece rapresents the manifest of Frequency Modulation technique applied to audio synthesis, invented by Mr. Chowning himself.

DataMan Enterprise : Track Data Usage In Real-Time [iPhone; Category: Business; $19.99] Manage multiple plans. DataMan Enterprise allows you to set up multiple cellular data plan profiles, each containing a separate set of plan info and usage data.

Little Viking Dungeon Of Doom [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $0.99] An epic adventure through 100 levels of monsters, traps and danger.

Manuganu [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $0.99] Run, jump, slide from ropes and dodge rocks! Not enough? There is much more in Manuganu.

Frozen Synapse [iPad; Category: Games; $6.99] Frozen Synapse is a multi-award-winning tactical game.

Gravity Guy 2 [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $0.99] Our brave Guy now finds himself on top of towers running for his life, jumping from one platform to another, while avoiding many hazards placed across his path.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1 [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $2.99] A small boy, his big new friend, and a huge problem. Join Camp Eagle Feathers' newest 'Brave', Jacob Jones, on an amazing adventure to uncover just what is going on at Camp Eagle Feather.

CastleMine [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $0.99] Defend your castle from the evils that lurk below in this unique strategy game.

Bombcats [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Free with in-app purchases] Seven cute but volatile felines ready to explode into action to save their imprisoned furry friends.

OS X Apps

Minbox [OS X; Category: Photography & Video; Free] Minbox lets you send any collection of photos or files from your Mac via email, all for free.

File Twins [OS X; Category: Utilities; Free] File Twins is a practical application acting as your duplicate file cleaner.

Eggscellent [OS X; Category: Productivity; $9.99] Based on effective time management principles, Eggscellent transforms your to-do list into manageable activities.

Art Mogul [OS X; Category: Games; $2.99] Step into the shoes of an Art Mogul in this thrilling mix of hidden object, strategy and business sim.

LittleLink [OS X; Category: Productivity; $0.99] LittleLinks is a nifty little app that automatically shrinks all the links and url's you copy to your clipboard.

Folder Magic [OS X; Category: Productivity; Free] Create exquisite and unique folders for your computer with hundreds of pre-created images.

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