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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Twitter owned “We Are Hunted” music discovering service to release Twitter Music App for discovering songs

The social networking giant, Twitter, is expanding, with the imminent launch of a music service, the rumored Twitter Music App. The music home is currently still not able to be sign in. This new service would discover music, suggest artists and songs based on various factors, including who people are following on Twitter. The giant has confirmed to have bought We Are Hunted app, as part of its work on developing a music discovery app. Soundcloud, iTunes and Vevo will apparently do the heavy lifting when it comes to music and video playback, though -- the app won't be a digital music store.
Twitter music

Twitter has now given US celebrities a preview of the new service, hoping they will do the promotional work by tweeting positive reviews to their millions of followers. According to AllThingsD, the iPhone app, which will suggest artists and songs based on who you follow on Twitter, is available now but only for “really famous” individuals, like Seacrest, who tweeted that he was “playing with @twitter’s new music app (yes it’s real!)…there’s a serious dance party happening at idol right now.” The app, according to another Seacrest tweet, shows trending artists and up-and-coming groups. It also allows you to listen to music clips in the app through services like iTunes and SoundCloud.

Twitter Music App

The application is rumored to be released on April 12th, but until now there's no official one. In the applications section of your Twitter account, should you choose to allow #music access, you'll notice a blurb describing the application as, "Trending Music Web by [blank]" and a note detailing it as, "the web version of the trending music app." 

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