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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Microsoft reportedly to launch and sell Surface Pro on February 9th in US and Canada beginning at $899

The RT version of Microsoft Windows 8 Surface has gained great popularity since its release. Now, finally the official sales date of the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Pro has been confirmed. Microsoft has set February 9th to be the official sales date of Surface Pro in US and Canada. As for the pricing, it is reported that the new tablet would begin at $899 in these two countries for a 64GB model that comes with a Surface pen.
Microsoft Surface Pro

This new tablet runs on the Intel Core i5 processor instead of an ARM empowered processor on the Microsoft Surface RT.  Windows 8 is installed on the Microsoft Surface Pro making the device more like a laptop than a tablet although the Surface Pro does take its design cues straight from the Microsoft Surface RT.

Having said all that, the Microsoft Surface Pro will launch in the U.S and Canada on February 9th and pricing starts at $899 for a 64GB model that comes with a Surface pen. The pen includes technology that prevents an accidental palm touch from registering as an input on the screen. You can toss in another $119 for the soft Touch Cover that has the flat QWERTY keyboard and doubles as a protective cover, or for the same price you can obtain the Type Cover which has raised keys and acts more like the typical QWERTY that you might find on a desktop computer. This cover also protects your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet from harm and quickly attaches to your Surface Tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro will be available from,, Best Buy, Staples and all of the retail outlets belonging to Microsoft. At the same time, Mr. Softy (as the company is known on Wall Street because of its ticker symbol-MSFT) has expanded the availability of the Microsoft Surface RT to other countries such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and others.

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