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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PhoneJoy Play: Turn your Android smartphone to PSP in a second

PhoneJoy Play
For people who love playing games with PSP or PS3, the handheld gaming control with console brings really exciting and amazing experience. In nowadays, along with the fast development of smartphones, especially in screen display size, people could play games on smartphones easily. The large screen of smartphones has not been the obstacle for phone gaming. However, there still exists inconvenience for people to play games with smartphones on the touchscreen, especially for massive clearance adventure games, as people have to take the affordability of the touchscreen into account, which results in less gaming delight. Aiming to enrich the gaming experience, Kickstarter platform officially kicked off their new PhoneJoy project by introducing the PhoneJoy Play accessory for your smartphones. This PhoneJoy Play could help you turn your smartphones to PSP console in a second thus to let you have the same experience as that of PS3/PSP on your smartphone.
With this PhoneJoy Play, you can fit a phone up to the size of a One X in the PhoneJoy Play horizontally, presumably. It connects via Bluetooth, it requires games to implement compatibility (likely through an SDK to get full, native functionality), and you can fold it up into a more compact shape for play on televisions or tablets. It could reach 255mm in width and 37mm in thickness, very close to the size of PSP for you. 

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