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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HTC gets the first Windows Phone 8 OTA update to fix auto-restart and other bugs

It has been a quite important moment for Microsoft and Windows Phone, as HTC has got the first Windows Phone 8 OTA update to the international version of HTC Windows Phone 8X. Before, all the updates of WP are only available via Zune software on computer. As a new feature, Windows Phone 8 allows users to update smartphones via OTA freely. As for HTC 8X, the OTA update will update it from WP8 v9905 to v10211, keep Wi-Fi alive during update and repair automatic restart problem.
HTC 8X OTA update
Users must carry on several steps to complete update. Before restarting the phone to upgrade the smartphone, it is required to download the OTA update on the device to complete the update preparation work; and during the system updating and re-loading, there is also a stage for users to transfer data.
HTC 8X OTA update
Though Windows Phone finally adopts the OTA update, there is only HTC 8X currently applicable to this update method. No information upon Lumia 920 OTA update has been mentioned. If you have got an HTC 8X, just go to "Settings>Phone Update" to get this new update.

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