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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Google Announced the “12 Best Android Apps of 2012” in Google Play

With the approaching of the end of 2012, most companies are making their yearly best. Facebook and Twitter have done their yearly things, and so has Apple released its own iOS yearly apps in iTunes Store. Now, Google also released its own “yearly best” Android apps based on its Google Play. Google didn’t rank any title to these yearly best apps. So none of the below apps are supposed to be considered “better” than the others. 
Android Apps
In no particular order, the below are Google’s best Android apps of 2012:
Grimm’s Snow White
Fancy Personal Finance
SeriesGuide Show Manager
Pixlr Express
Well, from these apps we could see there’s no gaming app sited out by Google. So, perhaps Google will also release a list of its favorite Android games for 2012? Let’s just wait for new reports from Google. 

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