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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Transfer iPad Content to Computer or New iPad for Backup Freely

"I have just got the new iPad and want to make iPad backup on my computer and transfer iPad to new iPad for iPad content backup on the new iPad. I have tried some solutions including iCloud and iTunes provided by Apple. But unfortunately, some songs not purchased in the iTuens store couldn't be transferred to computer or new iPad, neither does some apps. Is there any way or better software to help transfer iPad to new computer or transfer iPad to new iPad easily?"

As anyone who's ever lost data due to a hard drive failure or file corruption and those who want to backup iPad on new computer or new iPad know, making good backups of iPad data is essential. All devices encounter trouble sometimes and having a backup can successfully avoid losing days, months, or even years of data. People who have backed up iPad content or tried to transfer iPad to new computer or transfer iPad to new iPad must have the same experience that though Apple makes backing up the iPad very easy, it is not simple work with solutions provided by Apple for there are so many restrictions. Thus, to avoid such restrictions, many people turn to third-party programs, which always are powerful enough to make all things possible and easy. 

To transfer iPad to new computer, Apple provides iCloud and iTunes for users. iCloud automatically backs up the most important data on your iOS 5 device. After you have enabled Backup on your iPad in Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage, it will run on a daily basis as long as your device is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi, connected to a power source and screen locked. iCloud also allows you to make iPad backup manually by choosing Back Up Now from Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup
Transfer iPad to Computer

It is even easier to transfer iPad to new computer with iTunes. You only need to connect your iOS device to a computer with the latest version of iTunes installed, select your iOS device in iTunes under Devices and then right-click (or Control-click) the device and select Back Up. Attention that iTunes works only when you shut down iCloud. 

The limitation of using iCloud and iTunes is that they couldn't backup apps and music in iPad to computer. You could only redownload apps for free by using iCloud and purchased music via iTunes. For the convenience of backing up apps and music, third-party programs show the power. A third-party iPad to PC transfer program could help you easily transfer iPad to new computer or even transfer iPad to new iPad for iPad backup freely. Such kind of iPad to PC transfer program could help you backup iPad contents, including videos, music, apps, etc. It would be easy to use third-party iPad to PC transfer to transfer iPad to new computer. Take the iPad transfer from Leawo for example, you only need to connect iPad to computer, your iPad under Devices in the third-party program, select content to back up, click the transfer button to set target place. You can check this how-to to know How to back up iPad content onto computer to get more details. Other third-party programs though not own the same procedure as this iPad to PC transfer app, mostly do the same thing for you. 

These three ways are the most commonly used for people to transfer iPad to new computer or iPad to new iPad for data backup. Different people have different requirements. You can the one that meets yours most. 


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